Basic Creamy Cauliflower Rice 

I have always been a big fan of the Cauliflower; even when I was a kid eschewing most vegetables, it was always a go-to on any veggie tray. Now that I eat a grain-free diet 99.9% of the time, it has a new place in my life. It has become the basis of a number of “comfort” recipes because depending on how it is prepared it can be starchy without being a starch, and it absorbs other flavors so it makes a great base in many recipes. You’ve probably noticed Cauliflower has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, and I don’t think that’s because people suddenly realized how healthy it is! I think in large part that is because the paleo diet has also become very popular the last few years and Cauliflower rice is a great addition to any paleo/grain-free/ketogenic diet; never mind the myriad other recipes in which it can be used. There are a ton of Cauliflower rice recipes out there and they all seem the same, but for me they leave something to be desired because I don’t get that starchy mouth feel I’m looking for, so I’ve developed two recipes of my own. Both involve cooking the Cauliflower longer in liquid so it gets very soft, and also the incorporation of Nutritional Yeast to give it a slightly nutty/cheesy flavor and a stickier consistency. This recipe is lighter and simpler and quick to prepare. The other is heavier and more involved and I call that my “Nosotto” recipe. I will post that separately, so stay tuned. Enjoy!

You will need:

1 Bag of Trader Joe’s (or other brand) Cauliflower- if you aren’t able to purchase it pre-riced then you can prepare on your own, but it can make a mess and you will need to chop it into florets and then use a food processor.

2 Tablespoons of Butter or Ghee

1 Cup of Broth or Water (I like to use chicken or bone broth, or a combination of broth and water, if I don’t have enough broth)

Salt and Pepper (Himalayan pink salt is delicious! Inexpensive grinders are available at Trader Joe’s)

1/2 Cup of Nutritional Yeast

How to Cook:

1. In a saute pan over med to high heat, melt your butter or ghee.

2. After letting Cauliflower thaw enough to not be all chunked together, place entire contents in pan and stir to coat with melted butter or ghee.

3. Let Cauliflower cook for a few minutes in the pan, stirring occasionally to distribute the heat and get it all thawed out.

4.  Pour in the cup of liquid and then salt and pepper generously – like four twists on a grinder. There should be enough liquid to just cover your Cauliflower.

5. Then you want to bring this to a boil.

6. Once it is boiling, reduce the heat to low, cover,  and let it simmer for about ten minutes until almost all the liquid has burned off.

7. Add in the Nutritional Yeast and stir.

8. I always salt again before serving, but that’s just me.

Here are some really easy variations you can try:

1. Add some chopped onion to the butter and let cook for a few minutes before you add in the Cauliflower for added flavor.

2. Add chopped baby Spinach before you add in the Nutritional Yeast.

3. My personal favorite – add chopped cilantro and the juice of two limes at the end and mix together.

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