Chocolate Chip Honey Crisp Apple Snacks 

It’s Saturday and I’ve had no commitments. I told myself I was going to dedicate my day to writing blog posts, and not ones about food or cooking, but per usual lately, I’ve been procrastinating; feeling like I can’t write anything unless it’s well researched and organized because people I know might see it… There is a positive to making excuses; the more time I spend procrastinating, the more I invent new recipes. It’s like whenever I have time write I immediately start thinking about how much I love to cook and how much easier it is to write out recipes than it is to write a well-researched article. I blame my job for requiring waaay to much of my brain power, and time, the last few weeks.  So, here I go with some food related writing…

Today, I made up a recipe for some awesome paleo scallion pancakes and also started my first batch of beef bone broth.  But it ain’t my first rodeo folks, I’ve made plenty of chicken bone broth; but chicken’s like, so basic, right?  A more appropriate name would be beef femur broth; sorry vegetarian and vegan friends, this was supposed to be about apples and I’ve totally sabotaged you.  That’s “sabataage” to any Bill Shatner fans out there.

I remember buying those bones at a local farm, and I say remember like it was a long time ago because it was. They’re so intimidating they were stashed in my freezer for months; maybe more than twelve. When I went to the farm store, there weren’t any soup bones in the freezer, so I asked for some assistance because in the past there were these neat little packages of frozen soup bones as dainty as packages of beef bones could possibly be, and I figured they might be sold out as I was sure the beef bones were flying off the shelves. The guy went into the back to check, then somebody else came out to assist, and before I knew it there were three people searching the back for these soup bones, and they were really looking. After about fifteen minutes a guy came out of the back with a huge plastic bin of frozen grass-fed beef bones and said I could take my pick. They were all large bags of these giant femur bones cut up, like five inches long and 3-4 inches in diameter. I felt so bad about the staff searching for so long that I just dug through, wondering how they cut bones that size and feeling uncomfortable touching them, and pulled out the ones that looked the smallest and acted like that was exactly what I was looking for. They have sat in my basement freezer ever since, though I have thought about them many times. So, because I just made a batch of chicken bone (carcass) broth last week, I decided I should stop being a chicken and cook the beef bones instead. Took a while to jigsaw those bones into the slow cooker, it was intense, but they are now cooking away until tomorrow afternoon.

Just went way off topic. Know what I told myself I wasn’t going to do when I started this blog? Write long preambles to recipes, because that’s so annoying. I can’t help myself. I just really like talking about food. Moving on.

Honey. Crisp. Apples.  If you haven’t become completely obsessed with these apples then I’m just gonna go ahead and assume that you have yet to try one. I had two conversations about these apples today. One with my friend while on a walk this morning and then when I went to Wholefoods. I was checking out the HCAs (they merit an initialism) and there were samples there and a guy came over and was like, look out they’re addictive, I can’t stop eating them, I’m going back in for more samples. I’m paraphrasing here, but then I told him that WF (another initialism – just learned that word) definitely had the best price on organic HCAs, as I stuffed a bunch in a bag. I can’t get over how good they are, and the best part is that they are consistently good.  I have yet to bite into a dud; no thick skinned, mealy, lackluster bites. So disappointing!  I’ll gladly pay a premium for a tart, sweet, juicy, crispy apple.

They are so good in fact that today I realized I have only been eating them for the last year and I wondered where they come from. And behold, they have not been around my entire life. They were created by something called the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment’s Station Horticultural Research Center. They were not released to the public until 1991, and are a hybrid of something called a Keepsake apple (also a hybrid) and an unknown variety! They don’t even know what they used to make this because they were probs just messing around one day and thought it would just be discarded, but it turns out that it’s so delicious that according to Wikipedia, it has become a “prized commercial commodity.” It also says that one of the reasons they are so tasty is because they have much larger cells than most apples and so when you bite into them the juice filled cells rupture filling your mouth with juice! It’s nice to have validation that these apples are too delicious to have just existed without help. Thankfully, cross-breeding apples does not equate to genetic modification. I will admit I got a little nervous when I went to google that.

So, here’s what you need to do. Go get some of these. Yes, they are pricey, but at least get a few. Then instead of just eating them try this delicious treat:

Slice them up.

Soak up some of that juice from the top side.

Spread some nut butter on them. I used cashew butter in this picture.

Sprinkle with Himalayan Pink Salt (or salt of your choice).

Put chocolate chips on them. I keep my mini-chips in the freezer for this purpose. Try it. So good.

This sounds healthy and boring, and like something a paleo dieter would eat, but I am telling you, this snack with these apples is so damn good that when I eat it can’t help chomping away making audible snacking sounds, nom nom nom. No joke! Have you ever seen a video of Teddy Bear the porcupine? Check him out here-  Teddy is me eating this snack. Sound up!


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