About Resonance Woman

Resonance Woman is the brainchild of Kathleen Killoy. A strong proponent of alternative healing modalities; she is a Kripalu-trained yoga teacher, Usui Reiki practitioner, crystal lover, doTERRA essential oils wellness advocate, possesses advanced expertise on clean eating and toxin-free beauty and personal care products, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Brown University. Resonance Woman, LLC was developed with the aim to nurture and share all of these passions and pursuits under one umbrella, and to provide a resource of information, services, and products to help others achieve their physical, emotional, and spiritual health and wellness goals. Kathleen hopes that through this platform she will inspire and empower others to reclaim control of their physical, emotional, and spiritual health; allowing for the ability to reconnect to those things that resonate with them as individuals on a soul level, and to live in vibrational harmony with their highest-selves.

Kathleen L. Killoy, Esq.

The name Resonance Woman is partly derived from the understanding that we are all co-creators of our individual and collective realities while on the earthly plane. By tuning into our intuition and emotional guidance systems, we can experience vibrational resonance when we consciously choose those people, things, and experiences that are energetically aligned with our true selves. However, when we are unhealthy, unfulfilled, stressed, and distracted by modern life we are in lower vibrational states and are unable to connect with our intuition, realize our personal truths, or manifest the lives we desire. We are in a state of resistance, often experiencing and perpetuating repeating behavior patterns and scenarios that leave us feeling like victims of circumstance; in effect, we are living in physical, spiritual, and emotional ruts. But as ancient traditions knew, and modern quantum physics has proven, we are the creators of those ruts and we have the power to transcend them and create new realities for ourselves. Resonance Woman hopes to be a catalyst for such transcendence, as well as creation; a place to learn, evolve, and explore ways to release, and move beyond, that resistance residing in your physical and/or emotional body. In the simplest terms; when you feel good, you do good, and you attract good. It’s all good!

Resonance Woman is also a play on “Renaissance Man” or “Renaissance Woman”, because in addition to the above areas of interest and knowledge, Kathleen is also an experienced attorney, licensed in two states; holds a master’s degree in Environmental Law & Policy; is a licensed real estate broker; a jewelry and t-shirt designer; aspiring writer; former dancer, figure skater, and division 1 college athlete; and owns a successful pet and house-sitting business in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Whether you are just starting on your wellness journey, or are continuing to evolve, Resonance Woman is here to support you. Please see the other individual pages on the site to learn more about Resonance Woman’s yoga, Reiki, and doTERRA wellness practices. And please check back often, or join the mailing list, for new and exciting events, content, and products.